Episode 11: Anderson Cowan

Anderson Cowan is a filmmaker living in Los Angeles, California, who hosts a number of podcasts, namely The Film Vault,…...

Episode 11: Anderson Cowan


Anderson Cowan is a filmmaker living in Los Angeles, California, who hosts a number of podcasts, namely The Film Vault, Cinemaddicts, and The After Disaster.  He's created a decent library of short films, and his first full length feature film, "Groupers" opened to a small select group of screenings in several cities across the country, and will be available sometime in 2019 for the rest of us.  This was a significant undertaking, because it was completely done independently, with help from investors who rallied for the project through Seed and Spark, an online independent filmmaking crowd funding platform.  Go to the the Official Groupers Website to get more information about the film, and watch the trailer and the cold open.

This was a fun talk, albeit a bit challenging, seeing as how this was my first conversation with someone I had no history with (except hearing him on podcasts), and we spoke via facebook audio, so the whole face to face element was missing.  Still, I had a good time, and I hope you enjoy it. We chat about his brief stint with the Jaques Cousteau Foundation, how he decided to go to film school, his work, what makes a good film good, the different podcasts he has his hands in, and what's next for him.

We also talk about something close to Anderson's heart, Camp Ronald MacDonald for Good Times, a camp for children with cancer, where he volunteered every year for 23 years.  Anderson talks a lot about camp on his podcasts, so I was interested in hearing more.  Follow the link to find out more about this special place and how you might be able to help out!

Here's a clip of Anderson's short film, Cult of Carano, a great take on what happens when disaster strikes.  We talk a little about this film, and I wanted you to see the scene we were talking about, so he let me make a little clip of it.


The music used in this episode is "Ground, Making Her Realize", and "We Chase the American Dream", by local songwriter Lucas Harris.  I'm starting a new thing (kicking myself, actually, because it took me this long to think of this), of featuring local music from local artists during each episode -- each episode that doesn't feature a songwriter to begin with, that is.  There's way too much really great music in this town not to be featured in one way or another.  Find more about Luke here, here, and here.

The opening music was written and performed by me, and the logo was designed and created by Sean Goodwin.

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